• Pavel Pližingr (https://www.instagram.com/wayofphoto/)


12 high-performance RGB LEDs ensure bright and brilliant colors on your TWORBALL. 

What is the most important thing about your result? Clear and defined colors! In order to achieve spectacular results, your TWORBALL is equipped with carefully selected, branded LEDs. The LEDs don't only shine in great colors, they also have an enormous brightness.

The integrated lithium polymer (LiPo) battery with a capacity of 1000mAh supplies your TWORBALL a high reliability. Nothing stands in the way of several hours of operation powered by one battery charge*. The TWORBALL monitors the status of the battery all the time and informs you about the current charge status.

With the 433MHz radio remote control, no visual contact with the TWORBALL is required. The 2-factor authentication ensures that your TWORBALL always has a good and secure connection to the remote control. 

By the way, you also have the option of controlling several TWORBALL at the same time with one remote control.

Due to the structured surface, the TWORBALL has the optimal flight characteristics to achieve best results. This type of surface finish is otherwise used in ball sports where best flight characteristics are needed.

Furthermore, the TWORBALL is made of soft  polyethylene so that the housing is as robust as possible.

Ergonomic and robust: The one-hand connector is easy to use and has a stable design. It creates a firmly and reliably connection in the socket of your TWORBALL and cannot accidentally detach. 

However, it can be unlocked quickly with a single movement and be removed from the connection socket without any effort.

Of course we wish you a lot of fun with your TWORBALL at all times! If luck is not on your side for a moment and the TWORBALL falls on the floor or collides, the 23 rubber protectors provide additional security. Your TWORBALL is protected as good as possible and cannot roll off a table.

Further technical data of the TWORBALL:

  • Weight: 0.1kg
  • Diameter: 72mm
  • Housing: polyethylene
  • Charging voltage: 5 VDC 
  • Charging current: 500mA (optimized for USB connection)

* The effective battery life depends on the selected colors and brightness