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  • Frank König (www.instagram.com/frankkoenig197/)

Welcome to the next generation!

TWORBALL is the ultimate light painting tool for beginners, amateurs and professionals with high demands. Thanks to its 12 high-performance LEDs and the use of RGB technology, all colors are available in one tool - on two channels at the same time.

You can choose between the 8 predefined basic and mixed colors in every brightness. In addition, you have 4 user profiles for your own colors, which you can mix, call up and edit as often as you want.

A special method for dimming the LEDs was developed for the TWORBALL in order to eliminate the for light painters unpopular PWM effect. The TWORBALL finally makes it possible to work with RGB tools for light painting.

Built-in functions and additional effects e.g. the PWM simulator (strobe effect) or the programmable auto fader, support your creativity and imagination in every project.

The TWORBALL was developed in close cooperation with international light painters. The USB interface makes it possible to implement new functions with software updates in the future.

Discover the TWORBALL now!

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

Swiss Made! The TWORBALL is developed and produced in Switzerland by SCE Siebert Custom Electronics. Software development as well as assembly and logistics are located in Mümliswil (Solothurn).

We are specialists in development and production of customer-specific electronic solutions as prototypes or small series. 

Are you planning an electronic project and looking for a professional partner? Feel free to contact us.