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Notes on battery disposal

Separate disposal and recycling save important raw material resources. Correct disposal ensures that when recycling the product and the integrated battery, all legal regulations and provisions for the protection of the environment and human health are observed. Proper disposal of the product is the responsibility of the end user. End users are obliged to return used or defective batteries. These can be handed in free of charge at the public collection points, with us or anywhere they are sold. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not allowed not be disposed of with household waste. This regulation also applies if batteries are already installed in devices. We offer the free return of old batteries and devices with integrated batteries. These must be securely packaged and sent with sufficient postage to: SCE Siebert Custom Electronics, Henner Siebert, Im Winkel 26, 4717 Mümliswil, Switzerland. The content must be clearly declared from the outside (example: "Contains old batteries or devices with integrated batteries for disposal"). Defective or damaged batteries are not allowed to be shipped; the shipping conditions of the logistics service provider must also be observed.

Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed out garbage can. The chemical name of the pollutant is located near the garbage can symbol. You will find these symbols on batteries and accumulators containing harmful substances: 

Pb = battery contains lead, Cd = battery contains cadmium, Hg = battery contains mercury.